Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes

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How is type 2 (non-insulin dependent) diabetes treated?

Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes

The goal of any treatment plan for diabetes, or any other disease, is to stabilize the disease, and work with the patient to help them be successful in managing their disease. This decreases the risk for complications and improves overall health.

Your health care provider and/or Diabetes Educator will give you recommendations for treatment based on your specific needs. This may include:

1) Diet - Consult with a Registered
Dietitian or Nutritionist to help
you with meal planning.
2) Exercise - regular low-impact,
aerobic, exercise at least 3 times
each week.
3) Weight loss - getting down to your
ideal body weight range will go far
in helping to stabilize your blood
sugars and reduce complications.
4) Medication - whether you are taking
oral or injected anti-diabetes
medications, setting up a medication
regime that is both effective and
manageable is important.
5) Monitoring - there are many types of
monitors and your healthcare
provider can help you pick the one
that is best for you.
6) Education - the more you know about
your disease and how to manage it,
the more control you have of your
disease. Get information from a
Diabetes Educator, or use your local
library or the internet.

The American Diabetes Association has a wealth of information to help get in control and stay in control of your disease.



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