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The 5 Best Apps for Managing Diabetes

Managing diabetes can be a difficult process. But with the right app you’ll be able to take control of you diabetes in a fast and efficient way!

Glucose Buddy – Diabetes Helper – This iPhone app has been featured in the American Diabetes Association’s Forecast Magazine!

· Pros: A completely comprehensive and fast moving app! You have access to glucose logs, food calculators, calorie, and exercise trackers. This app even allows you to set reminders to check your glucose levels.

· Cons: None! You’ll find everything you need to track glucose levels with this app.

Glooko Logbook

· Pros: This app goes beyond what most other diabetes management apps can do by making it possible to download blood glucose readings directly from your glucose reader. Those readings can then be analyzed and measured in daily increments or over a longer period of time.

· Cons: None! This app makes tracking glucose levels a breeze!

Diabetic Audio Recipes Lite – An essential part of managing diabetes is eating a diet that will maintain normal glucose levels. This app makes doing that a piece of cake!

· Pros: The variety of recipes will make cooking a delight! Also, each recipe contains photographs and easy to follow instructions.

· Cons: Some of the recipes contain higher levels of bad carbohydrates than some diabetics might like.

My Net Diary Diabetes Tracker

· Pros: If you are looking for something fast and user-friendly this is the app for you! The My Net Diary Diabetes Tracker features tracking for food, glucose, carbohydrates, insulin, and even medications. This app is an all-around management system for diabetics.

· Cons: None! This app is comprehensive and amazingly easy to use.

Diabetic Connect

· Pros: Dealing with diabetes can be a difficult learning process. But when you have the Diabetic Connect App you have immediate access to an online community of others who are living with diabetes.

· Cons: No access to glucose monitoring or nutrition counters.

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