How Illness Affects Blood Sugars

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How does illness affect my blood sugar?

How Illness Affects Blood Sugars

When a person becomes ill, their body fights the disease through many mechanisms, including changes in hormone levels, increased activity of anti-virus or anti-bacteria components in the blood, and even an elevated temperature, at times. Your blood glucose may also go up.

If you are diabetic, it is important to be aware of this, as insulin needs may change, and the risk of going into ketoacidosis can also increase while you are ill.

Illness, stress, or surgery can all cause blood glucoses to rise, and during these times it is important to:

1) Monitor your sugars more frequently
2) Notify your doctor that you are ill,
even it is just "a cold"
3) Keep hydrated, as dehydration can
artificially elevate your blood sugar
4) Avoid caffeine and alcohol
5) Keep track of your sugars and
contact the doctor if your values
are off track

No one likes being sick and if you are diabetic, you have additional worries, but keeping on top of your sugars and communicating with your doctor will help you weather the illness with flying colors.



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