Frequency of Blood Sugar Monitoring

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How often should I monitor my blood sugar?

Frequency of Blood Sugar Monitoring

The frequency of blood glucose monitoring (fingersticks) will vary depending on the individual, and including:

1) Type of diabetes
2) Type of medication
3) Medication delivery system
4) Lifestyle

In general, those with less well-controlled disease will need to test more frequently.

For those utilizing sliding scale insulin --usually newer Type I diabetics, or those with brittle disease -- it is recommended to check your sugar 4 times each day: once before each meal and then at bedtime.

If you are stable with only occasional fluctuations, one or twice a day may be adequate.

If you are a Type II diabetic, your physician may not even require fingersticks on a daily basis, depending on the number and type of anti-diabetic medications that you are taking.

Talk to your doctor about your disease to see what frequency of testing would be the best for you.



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