Erroneous Blood Glucose Readings

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What can cause an error in blood sugar readings with a meter?

Erroneous Blood Glucose Readings

Accurate blood glucose measurements are important, since decisions about medication adjustments, meal plans or activity are based on them. But, what can cause an erroneous reading?

1) Outdated or unusable strips - check
the expiration date on your strips.
Strips that are outdated will not
give an accurate reading.
2) User error - learn how to use your
glucose monitor. It is best to have
a nurse or other healthcare
professional teach you the best way
to use your monitor, especially when
you get a new one.
3) Wrong calibration chip/code for the
strip being used - check the code on
the bottle of stips, and make sure
to calibrate your monitor to the
correct code
4) Meter needs cleaning - sometimes
blood can cloud the sensor,
depending on the type of meter you
have. Follow the manfacturer's
instructions for cleaning your
machine and set up a schedule for
routine maintenence.

If after you have tried these tips and you still cannot get an accurate reading, contact your healthcare provider for a replacement monitor or additional guidance in problem-solving.



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