Causes of Hypoglycemia

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What are some causes of hypoglycemia?

Causes of Hypoglycemia

Being a diabetic, you are risk for both high and low blood sugars - hypoglycemia. Since hypoglycemia can result accident and injury to your body, it is important to understand the causes, to help you prevent them.

Here are some of the most common causes:

1) Forgetting to eat or changing your
eating schedule without adjusting
your medication
2) Irregular meal times - set up
regular times to eat to keep blood
sugars stable
3) Taking too much medication/insulin -
follow your doctor's instructions
for using your medications and
report any change in your activity
or diet, so that the medication can
be adjusted
4) Extra exercise for a long period, or
extra strenuous activity - add a
snack to supplement your blood sugar
when you anticipate extra or more
strenuous exercise
5) Alcohol - this is a simple carb,
which gets broken down easily and
can cause spikes followed by drops
in blood sugar

Know the symptoms and the causes, and be prepared to treat hypoglycemia, to avoid the negative outcomes that can follow.



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