Hyperglycemia - Causes and Treatment

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What do I do if my blood sugar is high?

Hyperglycemia - Causes and Treatment

There are many causes of hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), including, but not limited to:

1) infection
2) medication effect, i.e. prednisone
or Sulfa
3) dehydration
4) improper eating
5) incorrect insulin or antidiabetic
agent dosing

The keys to the treatment of hyperglycemia involve:

1) Determining what caused it and
correcting the cause
2) treating the high blood sugar
3) prevention complications

If your glucoses are high, repeatedly, over the course of several days, and you have no idea why, you should see your health care provider as soon as possible for recommendations -- you may need insulin or antidiabetic medication adjustments, alter your diet plan, or change another medication that may be contributing to the elevated blood sugar level.

For a one or two time glucose that is elevated, you may want to:

1) Monitor more frequently -- become
aware of your blood sugar patterns
during the day. Are they higher at a
certain time of day?
2) Drink plenty of water to prevent or
treat dehydration
3) Problem-solve the cause: Did you
overeat? Skip exercise? Are you
under unusual stress? Are you
starting to get sick?

Sometimes reviewing your day can provide clues to the cause of periodic elevated blood sugars, and you can take steps to prevent a recurrence. However, if the elevations are more than periodic, see your physician.



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