Treatment of Hyperglycemia

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How can I prevent hyperglycemia?

Treatment of Hyperglycemia

High blood sugars - hyperglycemia - increases your risk for developing complications including kidney and heart disease, vision loss, infections and nerve damage.

Prevention of high blood sugars is an important part of diabetes self care, and there are things you can do to help manage your blood sugars:

1) regularly monitor your blood glucose
2) regular visits with your health care
team cannot be overemphasized in
maintaining good health
3) keeping hydrated - avoid alcohol and
caffeine, as they can be dehydrating
4) taking your medication as prescribed
5) following the 50%-30%-20% rule for
your carbs, fats and proteins
6) exercise - get your 20 minutes of
aerobic exercise, three times a week

As with any chronic medical condition, taking responsibility for your disease is the first step on managing it. Talk with your healthcare provider about how to "take control" of your diabetes, to decrease your risks of developing complications related to hyperglycemia.



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although it is informative, it says nothing about treating hyperglycemia


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