Exercise Warning Signs

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What are some warning signs I should know about when exercising?

Exercise Warning Signs

Exercise is an important part of your diabetic plan, but it it vital to exercise within your limits, know the warning signs of trouble, and when to contact your physician.

It is important to be aware of your body's signals that you may be "overdoing it" or exercising too vigorously, or that your blood sugar level may be dropping.

You should stop IMMEDIATELY and rest if any of the following occur when exercising:

1) shortness of breath: when exercising
you should be able to talk to
another person (but not sing, that
means you aren't exercising quite
2) chest pain: this could be a sign of
cardiac problems, and should be
reported to your medical provider
3) dizziness/feeling faint
4) black halo around objects, or vision
blurring or going dark, or "sparks":
this can be a sign of a hypoglycemic
reaction, and you should check your
glucose immediately, or treat
yourself as if your glucose is low
if you do not have a monitor nearby
5) pain in the lower extremities: this
can be a sign of circulation
problems, and you should discuss
this with your medical provider, as
well as obtaining his/her
recommendations on your activity
6) sweating profusely: be cautious in
hot weather, drink plenty of fluids,
and wear loose cool clothing. Try to
exercise in the shade if possible,
or inside in air conditioning if
there is a heat warning outside

Be smart when you exercise: know your limits, know the warnings and know when to call.



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