Why Should I See a Registered Dietitian?

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Why would I want to see a Registered Dietitian if I have diabetes?

Why Should I See a Registered Dietitian?

A Registered Dietitian has a degree in Nutrition/Dietetics and clinical training, has passed a National Exam and is considered a diet and nutrition expert. They are professionally licensed in each state and have a professional association.

They can provide you with important information on your dietary needs, in terms of your diabetes, and can help you:

* learn about foods and their risks and
benefits on your diet plan
* design healthy menus that are tasty
and work within your diabetes plan
* understand how the body processes
food nutrients and the impact on body
* map out a weight loss plan
* monitor your nutritional markers
(albumin, hemoglobin, A1C)
* make recommendations to your
physician for dietary changes, labs
or supplements

These professionals specialize in diet and nutrition and, like any other specialist, they have the most current knowledge in their specialty, and possess the tools necessary to help you manage your diet, lose weight and eat healthier.

Their knowledge aids you in reducing risks for complications related to diabetes, including:

* high cholesterol
* high blood pressure
* obesity
* stroke
* anemia
* ketoacidosis

A Registered Dietitian is an important part of your healthcare team, to better manage your diabetes and reduce the risk for serious complications.

Talk to your doctor or Diabetes Educator for a referral to a Registered Dietitian in your area.



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