Sugar and Other Sweeteners with Calories

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Can I eat sugar on my diabetic meal plan?

Sugar and Other Sweeteners with Calories

Experts used to believe that sugar would cause rapid blood sugar increases in the diabetic. Studies have shown, however, that sugar has about the same effect on blood glucose as any other carbohydrate, raising the blood sugar at about the same rate.

Diabetics need to work sugar into a diet plan, applying them as you would any other carbohydrate. Remember that most sweets and desserts that contain sugar do not provide the nutritive value you can find in healthier foods, and many of them are higher in fat and calories.

Though sweeteners such as honey, brown sugar and molasses may sound healthier, they are sugars, too, and must also be figured into your meal plan as carbohydrates.

Satisfying your sweet tooth CAN be accomplished while still keeping within your meal plan. Try these:

* dried or fresh fruit
* downsize your favorite sweet treat
* reduce the fat and sugars in your
favorite recipes
* choose lower calorie, lower fat
versions of your favorite sweets
* use a low calorie sweetener instead
of sugar

Keeping within your meal plan can be a challenge when you have a sweet tooth, however keeping in mind that all sugars add up the same, can help you make smart choices about your sweet treats!



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