Coding Test Strips to Your Glucometer

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How do I code my strips to my glucometer?

Coding Test Strips to Your Glucometer

In order to get accurate blood glucose results using your diabetes testing strips, you must ensure that the strips are coded to your glucose meter.

There are generally three ways to code your strips to your glucometer:

1. For some meters and testing strips, the vial comes with a code key that you insert into the meter. This key automatically codes to the meter to the strips you are using. When you start a new bottle of strips, you recode the machine using the new code key.

2. Some meters require that you manually change the code to match the number on the bottle of testing strips. For these meters, press and hold the "C" button until the correct number shows on the screen, then release the button. Your glucose meter is now coded for the bottle of strips you are using.

3. With some of the newer meters, the meter will code inself immediately upon insertion of a test strip. This eliminates the need for a code key or manual re-coding of your glucometer.

As with all of your diabetic testing supplies, using them properly will give the most accurate and reliable results.

If after coding your strips and performing controls, your blood sugar values continue to seem out of range or your meter indicates an error, follow the trouble-shooting tips in your meter manual. If you still experience problems, contact the company that provides your diabetis supplies.



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