Choosing the Right Syringe

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Why is choosing the right syringe so important?

Choosing the Right Syringe

Does choosing the right syringe really make a difference in treating my diabetes? The answer is a resounding YES!

For persons with diabetes, there are several factors to consider when choosing a syringe, including:

* amount of insulin to be injected

* dexterity

* vision

* numbness of the fingers or hands

* body weight/mass

1) The amount of insulin to be injected

determines how big of a syringe you will

need to draw up your insulin in one


- If you take more than 40 units of

insulin, it is best to choose the 1 cc -

100 unit - syringe.

- Doses between 40 and 50 units, on a

50 unit syringe, make the plunger

very long, and it is harder to handle.

- If you have nerve damage in your fingers,

or impaired dexterity, you may not get

the correct dose, or you could injure

yourself attempting to inject.

2) Dexterity impacts the size of syringe you

may want to use as well, as available

syringes have different barrel


- If you have trouble moving your fingers,

due to neuropathy or arthritis, a smaller

barrel may be harder to handle.

3) Vision is also a factor. Print on many

insulin syringes is very small, making it

difficult to see.

- Larger-barrelled syringes have slightly

larger numbers, and some may be printed

in darker or bolder lettering.

4) Numbness of the fingers and hands makes

handling syringes challenging, since it

is hard to sense them.

- Larger syringe barrels or those with

safety covers, may be easier to handle,

than smaller syringes. The safety covers

add diameter to the barrel.

5) Body weight or mass. Smaller thinner

persons do not have as much fat tissue to

penetrate when injecting the insulin.

- For persons with larger body mass or

thicker fat layers, a syringe with a 5/8

inch needle is a better choice.

- For very thin persons, a syringe with a

1/2 inch needle may work best.

Choosing the right syringe is as important as choosing the right lancet or lancing device; the right syringe will make self-care of your disease easier, and will then increase the effectiveness of your treatmen, and reduce your risk of complications.

Talk to your physician, pharmacy or diabetes supply company about the different syringes that are available, to help you choose the right one for you.



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