Glucometers - What's in a Name?

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Who makes the different glucometers?

Glucometers - What's in a Name?

There are numerous glucometers currently on the market for diabetics. Many have special features, all are very portable, and they come with their own type of lancets, lancing devices and test strips.

The major brands of glucose meters include:

* Bayer - maker of Ascensia Contour

* Abbott - maker of Medisense meter and


* Johnson & Johnson - maker of LifeScan

OneTouch Ultra

* Roche - maker of AccuCheck

* Therasense - maker of FreeStyle

* Home Diagnostics - maker of Prestige

So, what IS in a name, when it comes to glucometers? Well, in the above list, there are four well-known pharmaceutical companies.

This means that not only do these companies provide you with the glucose meter and necessary glucose testing supplies, but they can also provide you with insulin, oral anti-diabetic agents and emergency diabetes medications, such as glucose tablets, needed to help you manage your disease.

Each company and meter offers varying levels of performance, different features and a set of key diabetes management tools, designed to work with the glucometer.

In determining which glucometer - and in essence which company - to go with, take a look at the features, performance and supplies, to make sure that they meet your individual self-management needs.



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