Aerobic Exercise

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What is aerobic exercise?

Aerobic Exercise

The goal of aerobic exercise is to improve oxygen flow throughout the body by enhancing breathing, while promoting the pumping action of your heart to carry the oxygen out to your body's tissues.

There are many exercises and activites that provide aerobic benefit:

* dancing - dance in your living room, take a dance class, take a friend,
significant other or your spouse out
* running - start slow, wear supportive
footwear and take a friend with you,
whether a human or animal
* swimming or water aerobic classes
provide amazing aerobic benefits, and
are easy on the joints for those with
arthritis or other joint problems
* tennis is not just a sport of the
young, and the tennis skirt is
* bicycling - indoor or out, riding a
bike is fairly easy on the knees and
has good aearobic effects
* walking - start with a stroll and
gradually increase your pace, to get
your heart rate up. You can walk
outside, with your dog, at a gym, in
a Mall, or community center. You
don't need any special equipment and
you don't have to travel far to find
a place to take a walk.
* stairs - not everyone's favorite, but
a good way to combine aerobics and
getting to the next floor

Exercise will help reduce the risk for serious complications associated with diabetes, including: heart disease, kidney disease, anemia, vision loss, and nerve damage, in addition to reducing edema, constipation, and obesity.



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