Trouble-Shooting your Glucometer

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What can I do if my glucometer doesn't seem to be working right?

Trouble-Shooting your Glucometer

There are many different types of glucose meters on the market, and they all work in essentially the same ways. This means that they all can experience problems, which may impact your blood glucose readings.

If your blood sugar value seems unrealistic to you, trouble-shoot your meter by checking these key things:

1. Do you have the right strips?

*If you have changed meters, recently, make sure that you are using the right
test strips for your new meter, that the strips you are using have not been
exposed to light, and are not expired.
2. Does the code on your glucometer match the code on the bottle of test strips
you are using?

*Each time you open a new bottle of strips, make sure that you use the check strip or key, to match your glucometer to your test strips. This ensures that the strip and your meter are "communicating" properly.

3. Did you get the right sample size?

*Different meters require different amounts of blood to read your blood sugar. Make sure that the testing area on the strip is filled with blood, so that your meter can perform the test.

4. Are you using the right control solution?

*Make sure that you are using the control solution that goes with your meter, and that it is not expired. Different solutions are keyed to different glucometers. Control solution generally expires 90 days after opening.

5. Is your meter set up correctly?

*Some meters have setting for negative numbers and different languages. They
may also have variable memory and clearing settings, which can impact which readings you can recall, and how they show up on the screen.

With these simple trouble-shooting tips, and performing routine maintenance, your glucose meter should provide you with accurate blood sugar readings.



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