Choosing a Glucose Meter

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How do I decide what type of glucometer to use?

Choosing a Glucose Meter

Different people require different glucose meeters. The type of glucometer that you select should be based on your lifestyle, testing requirements, and your physical abilities.

Some meter screens display smaller numerals, than others, which can be difficult to read if you have impaired vision. Other meters have very small testing strips, which can be hard to handle for persons with arthritis or peripheral neuropathy - one of the many complications of diabetes.

Additionally, some glucose monitors have special functions that allow for computer downloading of the blood glucose information, which is helpful for patients with doctors who can access the information from a distance.

Key factors to consider when selecting a glucose meter, include:

*dexterity - can you manage the testing strips and the meter?

*eye function - can you see and read the glucose meter screen?

*frequency of testing - some meter supplies are most costly than others *special functions - is the ability to computer download important to you? *ease of use - are the instructions easy to understand? Is the meter easy to use?

Look at these areas when deciding on what type of glucose meter you are going to use, and consult your Diabetic Educator or healthcare provider to help you choose the meter that best meets all of your glucose testing needs.



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