Definition of Type 2 Diabetes

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What is type 2 diabetes?

Definition of Type 2 Diabetes

Up to 95% of the people diagnosed with diabetes in the United States have Type 2. Formerly called "adult onset diabetes", and now known as "non-insulin-dependent diabetes," it is also being seen in an increasing rate in children and teenagers in our country.

Type 2 diabetes has several factors that contribute to its etiology, including an underlying insulin resistance, and/or insufficient insulin production to meet the body's needs. The person with type 2 diabetes does make some of their own insulin -- but their body cannot utilize it properly, or they do not make quite enough.
As a result, blood sugars go up.

According to 1997 ADA guidelines, diabetes can be diagnosed if:

1) a fasting blood sugar(one drawn
without eating for 12 hours prior)
glucose is above 126 mg/dl
2) a nonfasting (casual) sugar of 200
mg/dl or more is drawn and the
person has symptoms of diabetes
3) The person takes an oral glucose
tolerance test (GTT) and a plasma
glucose of 200 mg/dl occurs during
the test

It is important to seek regular medical care and follow your healthcare providers recommendations if you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.



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