Exercise and Weight Loss in Diabetes

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How do I lose weight with exercise?

Exercise and Weight Loss in Diabetes

For anyone who has tried to lose weight, they know it is not just dietary changes that need to be made in order to be successful. Exercise plays a key role in weight loss and weight management -- yes, you still have to manage your weight after you lose it.

Persons with diabetics are urged to lose excess weight to reduce total body fat, which impedes proper blood glucose metabolism. Large quantities of body fats can also increase the risk for ketoacidosis --- a toxic process where your body uses fats for fuel.

Exercise, along with a balanced meal plan, can help with weight loss by burning calories and raising your basal metabolic rate. This is rate at which your body burns fuel when you are rest.

Regular exercise is best, at least 3 times each week. Low impact activities that raise your heart rate -- aerobic exercise -- is optimal, as it helps to not only drop the excess pounds, but also to stimulate circulation, and promote heart health.

Start slow with an activity that you enjoy, such as walking or swimming. Gradually increase your time and pace, as your strength and endurance improve and, with proper diet, weight loss and better blood sugar control is within your grasp.



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