Diabetes and Choosing an Exercise

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How do I choose an exercise that´s right for me?

Diabetes and Choosing an Exercise

One of the key elements in effectively managing diabetes is getting adequate exercise. Exercising stabilizes your metabolism, and improves your body's usage of insulin and sugar.

The type of exercise is less important than whether it is something you can follow through with. In general, you should choose a type of exercise that you enjoy doing, since you will be more likely to keep it up.

Be sure to check with your doctor or diabetes educator first, especially if you have any complications such as neuropathy, since you may need to modify your exercise program.

Here are some ideas on exercises that people often enjoy:

1) walking - pace doesn't matter,
just get out there! Malls are a
great place to walk in foul weather.
2) jogging gently - high impact running
can injure your feet if you have
3) dancing - any kind of dancing will
do, such as folk, expressive,
creative, or belly dancing
4) bicycling
5) swimming and water exercise programs
6) yard work and vigorous gardening

Any activity that gets you up and moving will help you feel better, and have better control of your blood sugars. Invite a friend and make it even more fun!



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