Cardiovascular Disease, Exercise and Diabetes

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What are the carciovascular benefits I can expect from exercise?

Cardiovascular Disease, Exercise and Diabetes

It is a fact that having diabetes increases your risk for heart disease. It is also a fact that exercise is good for your heart. So, wouldn't it then be true that taking care of your heart, when you have diabetes, can decrease your risk for heart disease related to diabetes? YES!

Exercise has excellent effects on the cardiovascular system - your heart and blood vessels. Some of the effects of regular exercise (at least 20 minutes, a minimum of 3 times a week) include:

1) strengthened heart muscle
2) increased aerobic capacity
3) lower blood pressure
4) increase in HDL ("good cholesterol")
5) decrease in LDL ("bad cholesterol")
6) decreased insulin resistance
7) weight loss
8) improved circulation

These are all good reasons for exercising, and each of these benefits improves your chances of keeping a healthy heart, despite having diabetes. It can also lower your risk for stroke and peripheral vascular disease (decreased circulation in your legs that can result in sores), stabilize your metabolism and improve your outlook, too.

Remember,if you are new to exercise, or have any underlying medical conditions, it is important to check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program, so he or she can help you find an exercise plan that is right for you.



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