Eating Out Without Blowing Your Diet

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How can I eat out without going off my meal plan?

Eating Out Without Blowing Your Diet

Eating out does not have to mean trouble for those with diabetes, but here a few guidelines to help you navigate the eating-out dilemma:

1) When eating out, ask for a nutrition
guide. Almost all restaurants and
fast food places have nutrition
guides, with the calories, fat
content, and carbohydrate amounts
for different foods to help you make
good food choices.
2) Choose traditional restaurants over
fast food, whenever possible. They
serve a wider selection of foods,
which can be prepared to order, with
lower fat and sugar content
3) Look for the low fat or "Heart
Healthy" menu choices, and then
choose the smaller of the available
portions, i.e. 6oz versus a 10oz
4) Avoid alcoholic beverages and the
dessert tray. Go for fruit juices,
water or milk, and simple desserts
such as ice cream or a fruit cup.

For additional tips on eating out with diabetes, contact your local chapter of the American Diabetes Association.

Eating out is an enjoyable experience, and having diabetes should not take the fun out of it. Bon Apetit!



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