Contributing to diabetes research

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Contributing to diabetes research

Did you know that diabetes affects more than 25 million Americans? That is almost 8% of our countries population and 7 million of those people don't even know that they have the disease.

Diabetes can be a devastating affliction that kills more people than AIDS and Breast Cancer combined. Any help that can be given, both financially and otherwise, is appreciated. These are the best ways to contribute to diabetes research.

The American Diabetes Association

The best way to donate totwards diabetes research is to get in touch with the American Diabetes Association. Through this foundation you can donate towards their research via mail or phone and can rest assured that your donation is being spent as wisely as possible.

Think Locally

Another great way to raise money and awareness is to have a funraiser in your neighborhood or workplace. By raising money through your friends and family you can help get the word out about the deadly disease while at the same time raising important dollars to help fund the research that will save so many people.

Look to the Future

There are other small ways to donate as well that mostly revolve around working with the American Diabetes Association. The most important thing a person can possess in order to help out is a willing and giving heart. Diabetes in America, like Polio or Smallpox, can be defeated over time if given the proper cash flow to ensure that research does not stop.



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