How To Attend The Top Conferences on Diabetes

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How To Attend The Top Conferences on Diabetes

Conferences are a wonderful opportunity to network with others who share your condition and get up to date information on the latest treatment and care options available. Attending a conference is a commitment of both time and money, so you want to allocate your resources wisely.

  • Decide where you want to go. There are various diabetes conferences, so your first decision is which one should you attend. There are smaller conferences in resort locations, such as Primary Care in Paradise, and large conferences in major cities, such as the American Diabetes Association's Scientific Sessions.

  • Register for the conference. Conference registration can be pricey. If you work in the industry, your employer may be willing to pay the fee. If the conference is considered continuing education in your field, you may be able to write your expenses off when filing taxes. You may also be eligible for discounted registration if you are a government employee or student.

  • Study the schedule. Regardless of who's footing the bill, conferences are an expense. In addition to your cost to attend, you are missing out on activities back home. Make sure you get the most out of the conference by familiarizing yourself with the schedule and knowing which sessions are must-do's. Conferences are excellent for networking, but don't spend so much time socializing that you miss the tremendous educational benefits of attending.



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