Portion Control: Everything in Moderation

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I need help figuring out food portions. What do you suggest?

Portion Control: Everything in Moderation

You have the heard the phrase, “everything in moderation.” This also holds true when you have diabetes.

Portion control is an important part of managing your blood sugars, stabilizing your metabolism and ensuring adequate nutrition.

How do you determine a portion? That depends on what you are eating. For example:
* ice cream comes in a ½ cup portion
* most vegetables also come in ½ cup
* cereals are generally ¾ cups to a
* meat is 2-4 ounces, depending on the
meat or fish product
* one egg is a serving, as is 1 ounce
of cheese, 8 ounces of milk, and 4
ounces of fruit juice
* yogurt comes in an 8 ounce serving
* cottage cheese comes in ½ cup

If you are not used to eating according to the recommended serving sizes, the amount may seem small, at first.

Drink extra water at each meal, to provide a feeling of fullness, eat slower, take smaller bites and put your fork or spoon down between bites. These tips will help you feel more full, and make the portions seem more reasonable.

As always, talk to your Nutritionist or Dietitian to get more serving size information and suggestions for taking control of your portions and your diet.



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