Keeping a Food Diary

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What are the benefits of keeping a food diary?

Keeping a Food Diary

For the diabetic person, diet is one of the primary tools used to control the disease, reduce adverse symptoms and promote health and well-being. The American Diabetes Association recommends a diet consisting of 50% carbohydrates, 30% fats and 20% proteins. This diet "blend" provides for stable metabolism and decreases the roller-coaster effect in your blood sugars.

How do you know if you are doing well with these dietary guidelines? By writing it down, of course!

It doesn't have to be complex - a small spiral notebook in your purse or pocket, and a pen, are all you need to start your diary. Put the date at the top of the page and jot down what you eat for meals, snacks and beverages. At the end of the day, look over your list and make little notes about how you felt after each meal or snack, what your mood was, and how you responded.

Many people find that when they are feeling blue or frustrated, they tend to eat more simple carbs - they provide a quick pick-me- up, but also a quicker drop in sugars, as well. This can leave you feeling even bluer or low on energy - making you want to get a quick boost, again.

In recognizing your own eating patterns, you can put a plan in place to cope with your blue moods and life frustrations, without sabotaging your diet and your health.

Then you can jot down your successes, too!



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