Low-Sugar Jams and Jellies

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How can I make low-sugar jam and jellies?

Low-Sugar Jams and Jellies

There is a wide variety of low-sugar and sugar-free jams, jellies and preserves on the market. Many people also like to can their own, but diabetics must be cautious of their sugar and carb intake. If you are a home-canner and wish to try your hand at low-sugar or sugar-free recipes, here are some things to keep in mind:

* In addition to adding sweetness, sugar
also helps in gel formation, and
reducing the risk for spoilage.
Lowering your sugar content can impact
gelling and preservation.
* Low-calorie sweeteners have different
stability when heated, with some losing
some of their sweetness with cooking.
* Jellies and jams that are made without
heat processing will need to be
refrigerated to prevent spoilage.

Making your own low sugar jams and jellies can be fun, and you can have more variety in your flavors if you mix and match your favorite fruits.

Contact the company that makes your canning jars for recipes.



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