Low-Calorie Sweeteners

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Can Low-Calorie sweeteners be included in my diabetic diet plan?

Low-Calorie Sweeteners

Recent studies have shown that sugar can be included in the diabetic diet, however that does not mean that you should give up on low-calorie sweeteners.

Sugar must be figured into your carbohydrate count, however low-calorie sweeteners generally do not have any calories or carbohydrates. This makes them free foods!

Low-calorie sweeteners have a place in your diet plan:

* they make food taste sweet
* they do not count as a carbohydrate
* they are not a fat
* they can be added to your meal plan
instead of substituted
* they are FDA approved
* the American Diabetes Associates
accepts these sweeteners as safe and
part of a healthy diet

There are different types of low-calorie sweeteners, but the 4 primary types are:

1. Saccharin - Sweet N Low, Sugar Twin
2. Aspartame - NutraSweet, Equal
3. Acesulfame Potassium - Sweet One, Sunett
4. Sucralose - Splenda

These low-calorie additives will not add calories, fats or carbs to your diet, and can be enjoyed without worrying about effects on your blood sugars or your waistline.



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