Being a Diabetic Vegetarian

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Can I balance my vegetarian and diabetic diets?

Being a Diabetic Vegetarian

Yes, you can be diabetic and a vegetarian.

As with most vegetarian diets, ensuring complete sources of protein and adequate sources of fats are key to stabilization of blood sugars, since both are vital for the diabetic.

For vegetarians who eat eggs and cheese, getting adequate protein and fat can be less challenging than with more restrictive vegetarian diets. However, beans and rice, soy foods and beverages, nuts and nut-based products can provide the necessary protein and fat resources the body requires to sustain blood sugar levels and prevent hypoglycemia.

As with any diabetic diet, three primary meals combined with snacks (or six small meals) offers the most satisfactory results in terms of blood glucose management.

A nutritionist or registered dietitian can assist you in mapping out a diet plan for your diabetes that honors your dietary choices, and provides you with the important nutrients in the necessary quantities to support blood sugar stability and reduce the risk for diabetes-related complications.



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