Medicare Part D: Who's on the Playing Field?

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Who is providing these Medicare Part D plans?

Medicare Part D: Who's on the Playing Field?

There are over 50 different plans available for those interested in Medicare Part D, however the number of insurance companies administering those plans is significantly smaller.

Some of the primary players in the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit program for Medicare Part D are:

1. Asuris
2. Humana (Wal-Mart)
4. Pacificare
5. Community Care (specific to your
6. HealthNetOrange
7. Regents Blue Shield
8. SierraRx
9. Wellcare

This list is not all-inclusive, as the providers for the plans vary from state to state. You will need to check which plans are available in your specific area to find one that best fits your Medicare diabetic supplies needs.

Choosing the right plan for you is important, because it will determine not only your insurance premiums for the coming year, but also your co-pays for your diabetic supplies and medications, and the availability of your prescribed medications.

Each plan has a different formulary, which covers medications at different rates, may not include some of your medications or which have restrictions on how much it will cover for your medications and/or under what conditions.

Contact the Medicare hotline, at 1-800-MEDICARE, or access their website at: MEDICARE.GOV for more information about the individual plans and plan providers.



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