Medicare Part B and Diabetic Supplies

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Will Medicare pay for my diabetic supplies?

Medicare Part B and Diabetic Supplies

If you receive Medicare A benefits, you are eligible for Medicare Part B, however, Part B is not free. All Medicare enrollees who elect Part B coverage pay a monthly premium. The 2006 monthly cost is approximately $88.50, though the Social Security Administration can verify your exact premium.

There is also a deductible of $110, prior to Medicare B jumping in to pay. After that, Medicare Part B will pay 80% of the Medicare-approved cost of your medically necessary supplies and services.

You are not required to enroll in Medicare B, however if you decline to do so, when you first become eligible, you will pay a 10% penalty for each year that you delay, and this is a lifetime penalty.

Medicare B provides coverage for:

* Doctor's services
* Outpatient hospital care
* Some medically necessary services not
covered by Medicare Part A, like
physical/occupational therapy and
some home health care
* Diabetic supplies and services
- glucose monitors
- testing strips
- lancets
- lancet devices
- glucose control solutions
* Preventative care services
- "Welcome to Medicare" physical
for new enrollees
- screening for cardiovascular
- diabetes screening
- glaucoma tests

If you are diabetic it is vital that you have cost-effective access to necessary diabetic supplies, health care and preventative care services. This can be accomplished by taking advantage of your Medicare Government benefits.

Call your Social Security Office for more information on Medicare B.



11/30/2008 11:32:24 AM
Willis A. Hickey said:

The Supreme Court should rule this penalty phase unconstitutional. Our lawmakers are taking away our freedoms in almost every law they pass. Why should I be required to have had insurance, I paid hard cash for my medicine previously.I didn't buy the first year because it was like buying a pig in a "polk". I could not understand the law.If I had the resources I would try to overturn this portion of the law.I think we should have the right to choose and join at any time we desire. I suggest voting every law maker out that has served two terms.I now have a lot of mail from AARP that I can't read because there is so much of it. Who knows what I am missing?


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