Medicare and Diabetes Screening

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Will Medicare pay for screening for diabetes?

Medicare and Diabetes Screening

What makes you at risk for developing diabetes?

Some of the key risk factors include:

* obesity

* high blood pressure (hypertension)

* high cholesterol

* history of high blood sugars

In an effort to detect diabetes early, and to reduce the potention complications of this serious disease, Medicare government now covers services that include supplies, self-management and diabetic screening.

Effective January 1, 2005, individuals at increased risk for diabetes that have any of the above risk factors may be eligible for up to 2 screenings each year, to detect diabetes.

There is no cost to this screening for individuals who already qualify for Medicare coverage, and it includes a Fasting Plasma Glucose Test - to check the amount of sugar in your blood, first thing in the morning. Elevated fasting levels can indicate diabetes and a need for more further testing and treatment.

Contact your healthcare provider and take the time to check out the Medicare-covered Diabetic Screening - it could make a lifetime of difference in your health.



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