Avoiding Complications with Your Diabetic Test Strips

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How do I avoid making mistakes with my test strips?

Avoiding Complications with Your Diabetic Test Strips

Like the rest of your diabetic testing supplies, your diabetic test strips have an important role in managing your diabetes.
And like your glucometer, lancets and lancing device, if not used properly, will impair your ability to self-manage your disease.

To avoid unnecessary complications with your test strips:
1. Keep them in their sealed light-proof container. Light degrades the chemicals that coat the strip and bind to glucose to allow your meter to read the glucose level. This can give you an inaccurate reading.
2. Keep them free of moisture. Moisture can alter the chemicals that allow for reading of your blood glucose, giving you an erroneous value.
3. Keep the information about your test strips and other testing supplies, so that you have the information for re-ordering or if you have questions.
4. Always code check your test strips when you start a new vial of strips. This will ensure that your meter is reading based on the code of the strips.
5. Perform your controls using test strips from the vial you are currently utilizing to check your blood sugar. Different vials may be coded differently, and give you disparate values when you do your controls.
6. Insert them into your meter following the manufacturer's instructions. Improper placement of the strips will prevent you from obtaining a proper blood glucose reading and could inadvertantly get blood inside your meter.
Proper handling and management of your diabetic testing strips will improve your ability to obtain accurate blood sugars, to guide your self-care.



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