Choosing Your Test Strip By Choosing Your Meter

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Can I actually choose my testing strips?

Choosing Your Test Strip By Choosing Your Meter

Most people do not choose their testing strips. Since glucometers come with specific diabetes testing strips, you may not actually have a choice of which testing strips to use.

However, as the glucose meters have gotten smaller and more compact, so have the testing strips. Some strips are as small as 1/4 inch wide by 1 inch long.

For persons with vision impairment (diabetic retinopathy) or nerve damage in the hands (peripheral neuropathy), handling such a small strip can be a insurmountable feat.

This should be part of the consideration when you are choosing your diabetic supplies. Though you cannot choose your strips, by themselves, you CAN choose your meter.

Meters have different types and sizes of testing strips. If you need to perform your own glucose testing, you may wish to consider the type of meter you select, based on the testing strips that come with it.

It will not matter how good the glucometer is, if you can't manage the strips in order to test your blood sugar.

Talk to your doctor about glucose meters, or with the company that provides your diabetic testing supplies, for assistance in choosing the right glucose meter - and testing strips - to meet your individual needs.



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