Differences in Test Strips

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What is the main difference between the test strips?

Differences in Test Strips

Just as there is a myriad of glucometer types, there are also many differnt typs of diabetes testing strips.

Generally, the strips are constructed of plastic and an absorbant layer, which draws in and "holds" the blood to be tested.

Some strips have layers that pull the blood down a small channel in the strip, to the lens in the glucometer, where the blood sugar is "read." This channel is located on the very tip of the strip, for some test strips, and on the side of the strip, for others. Many of these strips require only a minute amount of blood to complete the test.

Others have a designated place on the strip, where you place a drop of blood, for the glucometer eye to read. These strips tend to require a larger drop, in order to complete the test.

The difference between the test strips can impact your choice of glucometer - and associated test strips - as some persons may find that one type of strip is easier to work with, than the other.

For the visually impaired, or those with nerve damage, the strips where you place the drop of blood may be easier to handle, as they tend to be bigger.

For those seeking a sleek and compact glucometer, the smaller meters come with the smaller strips, which are more readly carried in even shirt pockets due to their diminutive size.

Look at your lifestyle, and talk to your physician or pharmacy, as you decide on your glucometer - and test strips - to find the best fit for you.



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