Managing Your Testing Strips

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What is the best way to manage my test strips?

Managing Your Testing Strips

As an important part of your diabetic supplies, which all have their own special care and handling needs, your diabetic test strips do, as well.

Here are the key things to remember about managing your test strips:

1. Make sure that they are not expired. If
you do not test frequently, or have
suddenly come upon a bottle of strips
you didn't realize you had, check the
expiration date, to ensure that they are
still usable.

2. Light adversely effects your diabetic
testing strips, which is why they are in
a light-impervious container. Open the
container, remove the strip you are
going to use, then re-seal the container.

3. Moisture will impair the strips' ability
to accurately test your blood sugar.

4. Don't re-use the test strips. If you
don't get enough blood on the strip the
first time, it is best to get a new
strip, rather than attempting to re-use
the strip.

Testing your blood sugar is a vital component to diabetic self-management. Proper handling of your test strips will help to ensure that your blood sugar results are accurate.

If you have any questions about your test strips, talk to the company that provides your diabetes testing supplies.



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