The Role of the Diabetes Educator

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Why should I have a Diabetes Educator?

The Role of the Diabetes Educator

A Diabetes Educator is often a Registered Nurse who specializes in the care and treatment of persons with diabetes.

The Diabetic Educator has received special education and training, usually has an advanced degree and has completed a minimum number of supervised clinical hours in educating patients with diabetes.

Your Diabetes Educator will:

* assess individual education needs

* help identify self-management goals

* provide education and support to help

achieve those goals

* assist in evaluating progress

The goal of the Diabetes Educator is to help the diabetic patient and their family, understand the disease and learn how to manage it, to reduce the risk of complications and to promote quality of life.

Just as you would want a specialist, such as a Physical Therapis, to help you get stronger after an accident or stroke, so you would also want a Diabetic Educator to help you select the right diabetes supplies and manage your disease.



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