Nasal Spray Insulin

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I have heard about nasal spray insulin - is this available, yet?

Nasal Spray Insulin

Nastech Pharmaceutical Co. is developing an insulin nasal spray, which could provide an alternative for millions of diabetes patients. Being able to avoid injections, is a pleasant idea for both patients and physicians, can reduce local complications such as lipo-dystropy - shrinking and dimpling of the fat tissues.

Currently, several pharmaceutical companies, who create and distribute diabetic supplies, are testing inhaled insulins that can be administered through nasal spray or metered-dose inhalers similar to those used by asthmatics.

Though commercial availability of insulin inhalers and nasals sprays is still some years away, the hope for insulin administration without injection, keeps us watching for these types of medical advances, that can improve self-care and decrease the risk for complications of this serious disease.



11/9/2011 4:57:14 AM
kuber said:

can someone suggest me about the preperation of insulin nasal spray formulation


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