Choosing the Right Lancet and Lancing Device

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is there a difference in lancets and lancing devices?

Choosing the Right Lancet and Lancing Device

Lancets, like glucometers, come in a variety of designs and types. It is important to pick the one that is right for you. Lancing devices also come in different styles.

So, what should you look for in a lancet?

* Point size - Lancets come in varying

point sizes. The smaller the lancet

point, generally the less painful the

sample collection will be.

* Needlepoint or blade lancet - Some

lancets, especially those used to

collect larger samples of blood, have

blade-like edges, which make a small

incision when they enter the skin

* Lancet size - For persons with

nerve damage in the fingers or

arthritis, small lancets may be hard

to load into the lancet device or use


What about a lancing device?

* Shape - Lancing devices come in

different shapes. Depending on your

dexterity or nerve damage in your

fingers, one type may be easier to

handle than another.

* Ease of loading - Some lancing

devices are set up so you insert the

lancet, then remove the protective

cap. This can be technically

challenging even for someone with

good eyesight, hand-eye coordination

and no nerve damage.

Of course, diabetic supply companies make glucometers and have lancets and lancing devices that go with their machines, however that does not mean that the lancets or lancing devices are the right ones for you.

Your pharmacy will have different styles of lancets and lancing devices on hand. Ask them if you can see the different devices, to find the one that works the best for you, then work with your doctor to get it ordered for you.



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