Toenail Care

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How should I take care of my toenails?

Toenail Care

Toenail care for the diabetic is a vital part of diabetic treatment, due to the complications associated with the disease, including impaired circulation and decreased sensation in the hands and feet.

There are 5 keys to remember with toenail care:

1. Cut straight across - cutting around the
corners of your nails may cause them to
grow into the skin, putting you at risk
for injury and infection.
2. File rough edges - snags or jagged edges
can injure the skin on adjacent toes, or
cause scratches on the other leg
3. Get a Podiatrist to trim thick or fungal
nails, to avoid injury to the nail and
4. Be consistent - do your nail care every
week. Use the time to give your feet a
good check-up.
5. Report any breaks in the skin, corns,
callouses, or injuries to your
physician. Prompt intervention can
prevent infection.

Persons with diabetes are at an increased risk of infections and injuries to their feet, due to nerve damage and impaired circulation - potential complications of their disease.

Keeping your feet healthy includes proper toenail care to prevent injury and infection.



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