Socks and the Diabetic Foot

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Why does my choice of socks make a difference?

Socks and the Diabetic Foot

One primary complication of diabetes is disease of the blood vessels, especially in the hands, legs and feet. This predisposes the person with diabetes to getting ulcers, which are slow to heal, or which may not heal at all, due to poor circulation.

Taking care of the diabetic foot, has three key focuses:

1. Inspection - look at your feet every day
to check for cracks, corns, sores and
2. Shoes - proper fitting shoes do not rub
or cause blisters, callouses or
abrasions on the foot, while providing
good support
3. Keeping the feet clean and dry -
moisture causes maceration of the skin,
which can allow bacteria to get into the
skin and cause infections

This is where the socks come in! Ideally, the perfect diabetic sock will keep your feet dry, provide a cushion layer in your shoes to prevent rubbing, and will not bind or cause irritation within the shoe. This is an important part of your diabetic treatment and these products are available through most diabetes supply companies.

Things to look for in socks:

1. The best socks are cotton or cotton-
blend to wick away moisture and keep
your feet cool and comfortable.

2. Seamless socks are best, but turning non-
seamless socks inside-out will also
decrease pressure on the toes from the
sock seam.

3. Avoid thin socks or those with
inconsistent thickness from heal to toe,
as they may not provide proper
cushioning and protection with your shoe.

There are variety of sock products available that can help keep your feet cool, dry, comfortable and healthy. Talk to your physician, Podiatrist, Diabetic Educator or Orthotist for sock recommendations.



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