Skin Care Products for Persons with Diabetes

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What can I do about my dry skin?

Skin Care Products for Persons with Diabetes

A common complaint among diabetics is that their skin seems drier than most, itchy and prone to feeling rough. This is in part to the body's own method of controlling blood sugar. Your body pulls fluids from several "available" sources, in order to dilute the sugar in the blood. This can result in constipation, dry eyes and mouth and, of course, dry skin.

Many diabetic supply products are available to help combat the dry skin associated with diabetes, including a full line of products created especially for diabetics, called DiabEase.

The key ideas in diabetic treatment and skin care include:

* keeping the feet free of excess
* using quality emollients
* treating calluses and corns carefully
* avoiding products that irritate

Keys to remember:

1. Though pleasant fragrances are nice,
some can irritate the sensitive skin of
the diabetic. Lean toward
hypoallergenic products without
excessive chemical additives and

2. Use lotion or cream immediately following
bathing to help retain some of the
moisture present on the skin. Do not
lotion between the toes - keep this area
clean and dry.

3. If you have a callous or corn, see a
Podiatrist or other qualified healthcare
provider for treatment and removal - do
not try to remove the corn yourself.

4. Though foot soaks feel great, avoid
prolonged soaking, as this causes
maceration of the skin and can promote
entrance of bacteria and subsequent

Your healthcare provider can recommend products to help you combat dry skin associated with your diabetes, and this will go a long way in preventing the complications of skin irritation, wounds and skin infection.



6/18/2006 3:19:22 PM
tom said:

I believe my wife, who has type 2 diabetes, was told to check her feet daily for bruises, etc. She is also partially numb in a couple of areas of her feet. So ensuring that she is properly caring for them, including putting normal hand cream, is important.


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