I-Don't-Want-To-Exercise Exercises

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What can I do to exercise, if I hate to exercise?

I-Don't-Want-To-Exercise Exercises

Yes, exercise will help you lose weight, stabilize your blood sugar, increase your metabolic rate and improve your blood circulation. But, not all exercise is formalized, needs work-out clothes, or happens in a gym or club.

Here are a few I-don't-want-to-exercise exercises that you can do, or may already be doing and didn't even know it:

* fold clothes - hold the clothes away
from your body and move your arms
through their full range of motion for
some strength training
* push the vacuum cleaner or lawn mower -
the effort of walking, pushing and
pulling the vacuum or mower combines
aerobics and strength training.
* play ball with your dog - throwing,
bending and walking with your dog is
both aerobic and flexibility exercise
* gardening - bending, digging, pulling and
pushing is great exercise - aerobic,
flexibility and strengthening - and this
is combined with fresh air, the smell of
clean dirt and a bit of sunshine to lift
your mood, improve oxygen stores and get
the blood flowing
* cook - grating cheese, cutting
vegetables, and pounding meats provide
some aerobic and strength training

These are just a few examples of the ways that you can take advantage of everyday tasks to add a little bit of exercise to each of your days, without thinking about it as exercise.

Remember these keys points:

1. move your limbs through their full range
of motion with each activity

2. keep a steady pace in activities that
include walking, and walk for at least
20 minutes

3. engage in the activities with energy and
intention - your body will know the

4. breath deeply, fully inhaling and

5. plan routine activities every day, in
which you can combine some aerobics,
flexibility and strength training

Exercise doesn't have to be formal, intense, costly or inconvenient. You can take advantage of your routine, every-day, activities and get the benefits of exercise.



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