Strength Training

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What can you tell me about strength training?

Strength Training

When you think of exercise, things like walking, running or aerobics generally come to mind, but there are actually three main categories of exercise, which include:

1. Aerobics
2. Flexibility Training
3. Strength Training

Each of these types of exercise offer many different benefits to the body. Let's take a look at strength training.

First, strength training is not body-building. Though I am sure that Arnold Schwartzenegger is very strong, his focus was on building muscle mass, to increase the size and shape of his muscles.

Strength training is more about building strength and stamina in the muscle, and strengthening bones, rather than just adding size or mass.

The keys to strength training include:

1. Sequence and speed - the lifting or
pulling portion of the exercise should
take less time than the release or
extension portion. The release or
extension is where your muscle does the
most work.
2. Sets and Reps - groups of repetitions is
a set. Performing a series of sets with
a brief rest in between each set.
3. Resistance and range - resistance is the
amount of weight you lift. Range refers
to using the full range of motion of the
limb or body part, to exercise the whole
4. Progression and frequency - as you get
stronger, you need to increase the reps,
resistance, or sets, so that you
continue to progress.

Benefits of strength training include:

* stronger bones with decreased risk
for fracture
* stronger muscles - aids posture,
balance and safety
* improved stamina - more and longer-
lasting energy

Risks may include:

* overuse injury
* muscle soreness

For the diabetic, the benefits are obvious - exercise supports and stabilizes metabolism, improves circulation, enhances sleep, sex and energy levels, and promotes stabilization of blood sugars.

Talk to your doctor or Diabetic Educator about getting started on your strength training program, then get out your dumbells, elastic bands or plastic tubes and start getting stronger!



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