Glucometer Special Features

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What kind of features can I find in a glucometer?

Glucometer Special Features

There are literally dozens of glucometers on the market, each providing the basic function of glucose testing.

But many of these glucometers offer special functions, geared toward improving your ability for self-management of your disease.

Why would these special features be important? Well, it depends on your needs in managing your disease.

1. Rapid results - not long ago meters took 60 seconds to give you results. Now some meters can give you the value in as fast as 5 seconds.

2. Extensive test memory - meters now hold from 75 to 1000 test results.

3. Small sample size - for meters that use larger sample sizes it can be difficult to get enough blood to obtain the reading.

4. Computer download - you can download your blood sugar readings directly into

your computer.

5. Alternate site testing - allows you to get samples from your forearm, thigh, earlobe or base of your thumb.

6. Tracking of blood glucose - shows you your blood sugar readings on a graph, or gives you the average over 7, 14 or 28 days.

7. Automatic calibration - so long calibration key or check strip.

8. Automatic test strip loading - no fumbling with the little test strips.

Take a look at what is important to you and what you need in a glucose meter. Keep in mind your lifestyle and goals will help you make the right choice in glucometers, with the right special features for you.



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