The "All-In-One" Glucometer

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Is there a glucometer than can sample and test my blood in one step?

The "All-In-One" Glucometer

Abbott-Laboratories has recently come out with the Precision Sof-Tact. Designed to be used with alternate testing sites - your forearm, thigh, upper arm or base of your thumb - the Sof-Tact is advertised as virtually pain-free.

According to the manufacturer, you just load the strip and lancet, press one button, and the glucometer does the rest. You can even load the strip and lancet up to 8 hours in advance, for convenient portability.

It will store up to 450 test results, provides average glucose results for the last 7, 14 and 28 days, and the blood glucose meter readings can be downloaded to most office or home computers, with the accompanying software.

The Sof-Tact has a large viewing screen, and the activation button is large enough for persons with neuropathy to manage without difficulty.

Check with your pharmacy for information regarding the Sof-Tact. Talk to your physician or Diabetic Educator to see if Sof-Tact is the right meter for you.



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