Glucometers and Alternate Site Testing

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Will my glucometer support alternate site testing?

Glucometers and Alternate Site Testing

An alternate testing site can be an important factor in choosing a glucose meter.

There are many glucometers made today that do allow for alternate site testing, although many others do not. If you are considering using alternate site testing, you need to know if your current glucometer will support such testing.

Of the currently available meters for blood glucose testing, the following allow for alternate site testing:

* LifeScan Duo

* LifeScan OneTouch FastTake

* LifeScan OneTouch Ultra

* LifeScan OneTouch UltraSmart

* Freestyle

* Freestyle Flash

* BD Logic

* Ascensia BREEZE

* Ascensia CONTOUR

* Ascensia DEX 2

* Ascensia ELITE XL

* Accu-Check Active

* Accu-Check Compact

* Precision Sof-Tact

Remember to include these other important factors when you make your final choice:

* strip size - can you handle it?

* meter screen - can you see it?

* special features - downloading values

* ease of use - is it user-friendly?

Your Diabetic Educator, Endocrinologist or Primary Care Physician can help you find the right meter for you, out of all of the available "alternatives!"

You can also contact the company that makes your current glucometer for information on newer models, different styles or additional features.



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