Somogyi Effect

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What is the Somogyi Effect?

Somogyi Effect

Similar to the Dawn Phenomenom, the Somogyi Effect involves fluctuations in your blood sugar that occur during the night. However unlike DP, your blood sugar drops during the night and then rebounds in the morning. That is why the other name for this condition is Rebound Hyperglycemia.

When your blood sugar drops during the night, your body attempts to compensate by burning glucose from your muscles, liver and fat, resulting in an increase in your blood glucose for the morning.

The best way to check for this condition is so set your alarm for 2 AM and test your blood sugar. If the glucose reading is low, and your subsequent morning value is high (and you did not skip your evening snack or change your medications), then you may have Somogyi Effect (SE).

So, how do you treat SE?

1. Aim for a slightly higher bedtime blood glucose. This can help prevent
hypoglycemia during the night.
2. Add some carbs and fats to your dinner or evening snack, to give a long slow
burn to sustain blood glucose during the night.
3. Keep a blood sugar diary, and record the 2 AM values several times to see if
there is a pattern, and if your interventions are working.
4. Talk with your doctor about adjusting your medications or diet to prevent the rebound phenomenom.

As always keep your doctor informed of your blood sugars, monitor your diet and exercise to sustain and stabilize your metabolism, to reduce the risk for complications.



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